SmartShow Smart Mug S1 on Indiegogo

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SmartShow Smart Mug S1 on Indiegogo

SmartShow has launched its smart mug S1 on Indiegogo, a famous crowdfunding platform in North America on October 4th. It’s a significant milestone for SmartShow to exploit its overseas markets. 

Indiegogo, the BMW among Crowdfunding Platforms in the World

 What is Indiegogo?

It’s a famous crowdfunding platform that was born in January 2008. With more than 9 million users registered, it has attracted campaigns issued from all over the world and nearly one million people visiting it or buying products or services on it every day.

What can Chinese brands do on Indiegogo?

Compared to foreign campaigns, there are fewer Chinese campaigns on Indiegogo. SmartShow is one of the Chinese campaigns which are dedicated to bring Chinese intelligence and prove Chinese power to the world.

Every cent SmartShow got from the Indiegogo campaign will be used to update its products and enhance user experience. It understands intelligence, and it understands you more. 

Before Indiegogo,SmartShow has already achieved an outstanding performance on Jingdong, a famous Chinese crowdfunding platform, and raised more than $ 300,000 USD with 260,000 backers breaking a previous record of smart mugs in China.


Our Invisible Target: Drink Safely & Healthily

Everyone drinks. It’s simple to get a mug, pour water into it, and drink the water.

But have you ever asked yourself:

1.  Is the interior environmental and safe?

2.  Is the water pure or full of bacteria?

3.  Is the water too hot or too cold that may burn your intestines and stomach?

4.  Is that scientific to drink too much or too little at a time?

To drink safely is not simple.But to drink safely with SmartShow S1 is simple.

1.  It uses tritan-material interior which is environmental, safe and odor-free.

2.  It monitors water purity by detecting its TDS.

3.  It reminds you the water temperature to protect your from burning your burn intestines and stomach.

4.  It reminds you to drink water based on your daily hydration need,the last drinking time and amount.

This is SmartShow.

It has launched its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to show you how to drink safely and healthily.

It believes that intelligence created in China can find its place in the world.

Click here for more information about Indiegogo campaign.