Privacy Policy

Effective date: January 1, 2016

We attach great importance to protecting the privacy of users. Please read the Privacy Statement carefully before you visit the website and use particular services of the website. When you use the website, it will be regarded that you have agreed with the Privacy Statement and allowed the website to collect, use, and disclose your personal information according to the Privacy Statement. The Privacy Statement mainly includes the following contents: what kind of information will we collect from you when you visit the website; how will we use the information; when will we disclose the information; and your choices.

The Privacy Statement applies to all your information collected by the website. Please note that there may be some links to other websites and we are not responsible for their privacy practices. It's recommended to read privacy statements of other websites carefully before you visit these websites.

I. Collection of Information

Information that you provide to us. When you only visit general contents of the website, we will not require any personal information of you. When you use or visit particular services or information provided by our website (e.g. join a public forum or connect the website directly) , with your approval and confirmation, we may ask you to provide the following personal materials and information with online or offline registration forms.
1. 1. Specific information: name, age, birthday, e-mail, fixed-phone number, fax number, mobile phone number, address, etc.
2. General information: gender, age, job, education, income, marriage, interests, hobbies, etc.
3. Only in particular cases (e.g. you need to pay for special services or products, or join lotteries or contests participated or organized by the website) will we ask you to provide personal payment and ID information, such as credit card number, ID number and passport number.
4. Information collected automatically. When you visit the website (no matter registered or logged in), the website may collect the following information automatically:
      a. your browser types, browser languages, operating system types, and broadband types;
      b. your address of IP (Internet Protocol) which may display your geographical position sometimes;
      c. pages, advertisements and links in the website that you have visited;
      d. your access requests, dates, times, and referral links (if any) that you have sent during your visit in the website;
      e. the marked uniqueness of your browser through Cookie and account information of the website ( including all events, visiting habits, shopping habits, and account information during your visit in the website). You can refuse Cookie by changing the browser setting. If you refuse Cookie, you may not use the website services or functions depending on Cookie. We may collect and save other website information that you have visited through mechanism like the browser network storage (including THML 5) and application data caches. We may collect and deal with you actual position information (e.g. the GPS signal sent by the mobile device) when you use services with the positioning function in the website. And we may find your position through various techniques, like your sensor data in your device which can provide nearby WIFI access points and information about base stations of mobile operators.

Please note that the Privacy Statement doesn't apply to any third-party agents who provide you services, including those agents who disclose information to the website.

II. Usage of Information

Only in necessary cases (e.g. to finish a specific transaction, join a preferential campaign or lottery, or it's required by laws or regulations) will we use your payment and ID information. As for your other personal information, we mainly use it as follows:
1. Provide particular services, products, or information according to your requirements;
2. Authorize you to participate in some activities, like questionnaires, online forums or lucky draws;
3. Provide or send electronic information, advertisements, personalized advertisements, or special offers on behalf of clients of the website, our affiliated companies, or other third parties.
4. Analyze ways and habits of using the website of users in order to improve our services;
5. Prevent illegal activities, potential illegal activities, and activities that violate the Agreement of the website. And we will notify you of purposes when we collect particular information of you.

III. Disclosure of Information

We are committed to obtain and maintain your trust to us. Thus, we will protect your personal information from being lost, appropriated or falsified with the help of reasonable techniques and measures. Meanwhile, please note that only in the following cases will we disclose your personal information to particular entities:
1. With your approval. We may share your personal information with third parties with your approval.
2. To authorized third-party service providers. We may share information with third-party service providers who help us to provide professional services, including client supports, applications of e-mail and messages, business analyses, marketing promotions, and data processing.
3. Contests or promotions. When you determine to join contests, promotions or other similar activities, we may disclose your information to sponsors, suppliers and third-party service providers who help us to design, manage and implement activities. These third-party service providers may be contest judges, prize providers, prize couriers, analysts of the overall data. And your information may be disclosed as required by laws and regulations. Besides, if you enroll in an activity, it will be regarded that you have agreed to obey rules of the activity and allowed sponsors of the website to use your name, audios and pictures for advertisements and marketing promotions.
4. Major transactions. We may disclose your information in case of major transactions, like sales, mergers and bankruptcy.
5. Required by laws and regulations or departments of public power. We may disclose users' information to law enforce agencies like courts and governments as required by them or laws or regulations.
6. In order to protect interests of the website or other parties. We may disclose users' information in order to protect legal rights, interests and safety of the website, website staff and users, affiliated partners of the website and the public.
7. To third-party partners. If you apply to join in online or offline preferential activities of the website, your information may be disclosed to related third parties so they can communicate with you promptly and let you join in offline activities.

We promise to try to protect your personal information. And we use various institutions, security techniques and measures to protect your personal information from being visited, used or disclosed without any permission. But please understand that there is not 100% safety for data transmission and storage. Thus we can not guarantee the safety of your personal information.

IV. Your Choices

You can choose to visit and use the website without providing your personal information. But as mentioned above, some information may be collected automatically. At the same time, only after you provide relevant registration information can you use some particular information and services. If you fail to provide information as required, you may not have the access to relevant services.

After your registration, you can review or edit your personal information you have submitted to the website at any time. But for the safety and identification, you may not be able to change the original registration information and other verification information.

V. Information Released by Users

Some services of the website allow users to release their own information, videos, pictures, opinions and blogs. Please notice that since the release of the above-mentioned information, the information become public information. Thus, please make a careful judgement before you release your contact information, financial information and other personal information. We can not prevent above-mentioned information from being used in a way that may infringe the Privacy Statement or applicable laws and regulations. Besides, release of above-mentioned information is limited by the service agreement of the website.

VI. Protection to Personal Information of Juveniles

The website attaches great importance to protecting personal information of juveniles. If you are juveniles under 18, please obtain a written permission of your parent or legal guardian before you use services of the website.

VII. Update of the Privacy Statement

We will update the Privacy Statement regularly in order to reflect any changes in our operating practices, relevant services, laws and regulations. When we amend the Privacy Statement, we will update the “Effective date” at the beginning of the statement. Please review our Privacy Statement regularly. If you continue to use the website, it will be regarded that you have agreed with the update of the Privacy Statement.

VIII. Questions & Complaints

In case of any questions about the Privacy Statement or personal information, please contact us by e-mail: And we will try our best to reply to you within a reasonable time.

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