SmartShow is Landing on Jingdong Crowdfunding on June 15th

2016-06-11 11:18:46            Views:93

 SmartShow is landing on Jingdong Crowdfunding on June 15th with the Smart Mug S1 as its first product which aims to become a light luxury brand of technology.

    It can detect the purity of water, remind you of high water temperature, and more technologically, remotely remind your family or friends to drink water just by shaking it. And that is the Smart Mug S1 of SmartShow. “To drink water in such a loving way.” It’s a powerful smart drinking mug which is going to make its debut in Jingdong Crowdfunding. 

Sunny Ji, the founder of the brand, introduced the original intention of the crowdfunding. Although people are paying closer attention to their health, they ignore a fact that drinking healthily is the root of health. However, the present drinking situation is that we drink expired barreled water or water from purifiers which fail to change filter cores promptly. There are so many problems about drinking safety in life.

The Smart Mug of SmartShow can detect water quality and let your drink safely with an integration of identification of water temperatures, smart drinking and social interactions. It’s small, simple and smart. And it can help you develop a scientific and healthy drinking habit, and more incredibly, bring a health drinking habit to your family and friends just by shaking it. 

Sunny Ji said that he has a group of tech geeks who have inherited the perseverance of craftsmen and vowed to polish their products until they are perfect. They know that only products which users like deserve to be praised. Users’ usage and suggestions are the source of impetus to strive for excellence and make a user-lever product.

China Business News said, crowdfundings made by e-commercial companies usually focus on technological products and put the industrial chains of e-commercial platforms ahead of mass productions of products. In fact, it is a customized pattern of C2B where users can affect producers’ decisions. 

Sunny Ji revealed that he hopes to raise 200 thousand RMB to improve and optimize his smart mugs. He said, through the Jingdong Crowdfunding, that he wants to:

1. transmit love with actions and care about people around us;

2. express our gratitude to the attention of our customers;

3. stick to the user-thinking that users can affect producers, receive comments and advices from customers after they use smart mugs to improve and optimize products, and make the brand walk into customers’ hearts.